Neevash Ramdial

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Neevash "Nash" Ramdial is a Trinidadian software developer, author and organizer within the Flutter Community. He started programming at fourteen and has worked in both web and mobile development. In October of 2017 he started his journey with Flutter and Dart. From that point, he has spent most of his time working with these technologies.

Today, Nash is the Lead Editor of Flutter Community on Medium; co-host of the weekly, international web conference "HumpDayQandA" (also known as "FlutterQandA") which provides live help for Flutter Developers and he is also an Administrator of the Flutter Study Group (FSG), a Slack group inspired by the Android Study Group. He has authored numerous technical breakdowns, deep-dives and how-to's as well as the popular Visual Studio Code extension, "Awesome Flutter Snippets".

Nash graduated from Upper Level Educational Institute in April of 2018 and is currently a Software Engineering student at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

Interesting things I've worked on


An app centered around quickly finding and attending events in your area

Flutter Community Medium

A Medium publication dedicated to featuring articles and stories written by members of the Flutter Community

Awesome Flutter Snippets

A set of commonly used snippets for Vscode with over 160 thousand downloads